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We gather diverse talents coming from space space & non-space backgrounds, bringing years of experience or just graduated.

We are backed by tier-one and hands-on advisors.

Want to join our mission to make space exploration affordable, available and open?

we are hiring
Jérémy Aubert
Avionics Engineer
François Belin
Radio-Frequency Communications Systems Engineer
Nils Bernhardt
Lead Software
Lukas Brauckmann
DevOps Engineer
Lorcán Byrne
Material and Processes Engineer
Benoît Cazin
Reaction Control System Engineer
Tomás Cruz
Thrust Chamber Development Engineer
Zoé Cho
Talent Acquisition Senior Manager
Alicia Dufresne
AIT Engine Senior Engineer
Victor Ertl
Lead Business Development & Marketing
Pierre Faucoup
Chief Space and Defense Business Officer
Olivier Faure
Lead System Engineer
Antonio Figueroa
Lead GNC
Naitik Ghutla
CAD Design Engineer
Alexandre Girard-Reydet
Design Senior Engineer
Nils Hebborn
Business Operations Engineer
Mario Hernandez
Pump Thermo-Mechanical Eng
Hélène Huby
Markus Jaeger
Orbital Propulsion Technical Authority
Artjom Lukanowski
Propulsive Mechanical System Engineer
Artur Koop
Romain Mabboux
Propulsion Functional Engineer
Sonia Magniant
Lead Demonstrations & Prototypes
Julian Matt
Thrust Chamber Development Engineer
Niklas Mechtersheimer
Lead Procurement Engineer
Yann Mignot
Thermal Protections Technical Authority
Eric Miquel
Chief AIT
Najwa Naimy
Lead Vehicle Design & Product Strategy
Thomas Nussmann
Lead Avionics & Power
Antoine Pallois
GNC Engineer
Matthieu Paris
GNC Engineer
Sebastien Reichstadt
Lead Propulsion
Jon Reijneveld
Chief Engineer
Mathieu Sauvage
Avionics System Senior Engineer
Hermes Scandelli
Aero-Thermo-Dynamics Engineer
Thomas Secretin
Mission Analysis Senior Engineer
Francesco Stortini
Mechanical Engineer
Maximilian Strixner
Additive Manufacturing Senior Engineer
Pierre Vinet
Cryogenic Engine Technical Authority

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We are hiring


Grazia Vittadini
Pierre Festal
Hélène Huby
Alfred Véricel
Ted Persson

Strategic Advisors

Patricia Barbizet
Christian Dargnat
Jean-Jacques Dordain
André Lanata
Marcel Reichart
Martin Hofmann