We build  accessible, sustainable, 
 and cooperative space worlds.

Introducing OUR VEHICLE

Nyx is a modular, reusable, and in-orbit refillable space capsule.

Launching from any heavy launcher worldwide, Nyx safely and affordably carries cargo to and from space stations in low-Earth orbit and beyond.
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Nyx Earth
Earth to LEO stations and back.
Nyx Gateway
Earth to Moon stations and back.
Nyx Moon
Earth to Moon. Moon to Moon.
Launcher Agnostic
Nyx is designed and built to serve space stations.
Orbital Propulsion
With our reusable green thrusters and refillable high-thrust engines.
Using our own docking mechanism, avionics, flight software and GNC.
Re-Entry & Recovery
Thanks to our carbon-based, low-density thermal protection.
We’re Hiring

Join us on our mission to democratize access to space.

Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting your career, we have opportunities for you to grow and make your mark.
Flights starting 2027
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