We make space exploration accessible, sustainable, and cooperative.

Our Story
We are at the midst of a space exploration renaissance.

Technological advancements like reusable rockets and refillable space vehicles are making space more accessible. Several new space stations are being built around the Earth and the Moon, and the transportation market to reach these new destinations will grow from 5 to 50 billion USD in the next 10 years.

But access to space has been reserved for the happy few.

The development of these new space worlds has historically been done in an exclusive and often confrontational manner. Our mission is to enable everyone to participate peacefully in the building of our human future. To realize this mission, we are developing Nyx – a reusable and in-orbit refillable spacecraft that can be launched from any heavy launcher in the world and can fly to any space station.

We are building one of the fastest growing space companies worldwide.

The Exploration Company was founded in Q3-2021 by Hélène Huby and a team of space engineers who had worked together on the most complex European space programs like Orion-ESM, Ariane, and ATV. Our company operates out of Germany, France, and Italy, with offices in Houston and in MENA. We are the first European company which has signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA. We are backed by tier-one investors.

our Superpower
We have a culture of speed and execution.
Two capsules built in three years. Six missions sold. Our team operates with an unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Mission Bikini – 9 months.

Our first demonstrator, built for ballistic reentry.
From paper sketch to flight-ready in just nine months.

Mission Possible – 24 months.

Our second demonstrator, built for controlled re-entry and recovery with cargo. From initial draft design to flight-ready in two years.

Nyx Earth – 6 years.

Our first commercial cargo capsule, serving space stations in low-Earth orbit.

Dana Baki
Chief Commercial Officer
Pierre Faucoup
Chief Government Officer
Hélène Huby
Mark Kirasich
Chief U.S. Officer
Artur Koop
Chief Operating Officer
Eric Miquel
Chief MAIT
Antoine Mondésert
Chief Financial Officer
Najwa Naimy
Chief Program Officer
Jon Reijneveld
Chief Engineer
Board of Directors.
Pierre Festal
Board Member
Mike Griffin
Board Member
Hélène Huby
Board Member
Ted Persson
Board Member
Alfred Véricel
Board Member
Grazia Vittadini
Board Member
Filip Dames
Board Observer
Jenny Dreier
Board Observer
Romain Lavault
Board Observer
Michel de Lempdes
Board Observer
Yo-Yo Ma
Board Observer
Working With Us
Want to join us in our mission?
We are seeking driven, talented individuals who share our vision of democratizing access to the cosmos.