We are a team of explorers, dreamers, and doers.

We pride ourselves in gathering diverse and international talents from both space and non-space backgrounds.
OUR Mission
Space for everyone.

We are on a mission to make space exploration accessible and sustainable for all, ensuring that it is not limited to a select few.

This requires a commitment to developing affordable technologies and promoting transparency and collaboration in the pursuit of space exploration.

Our Values

We are driven by our values.

At The Exploration Company, we embrace a set of guiding principles that shape everything we do. These principles define our identity and drive our actions.

We are driven by a deep, meaningful purpose.
The company strategically plans for the future, we think ahead.
We champion authenticity, take ownership and act entrepreneurial.
We value interdependence, respect diverse viewpoints and prioritize collective success.
We value continuous learning, efficiency, knowledge sharing, clear communication, and regular reality checks to improve our competence and achieve success.
Our Crew

Breaking barriers in space.

Flights starting 2027
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